Price vs. Value: The story and the rest of the story
September 2015  

Pondering PDUFA & Other Policy Drivers
May 2015  

Biosimilar Nomenclature: Can We Achieve the Truth, the Whole Truth, & Nothing but the Truth?
August 2014  

Access to Medical Innovation
September 2014  

Identifying the Benefits and Risks of Emerging Treatment for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: A Qualitative Study
July 2014  

Personalized Medicine and Responsible Access to Pain Medication
September 2013  

Fixing Drug Shortages

Promoting Innovation And Health
June 2012  

From Promise to Performance
June 2012  

Cough Medicine Consumer Insights National Survey
February 2012

PDUFA without the Politics
November 2011  

FDLI's Food and Drug Policy Forum
January 2012  

Comparative Effectiveness Research on Health & Wealth
December 2011  

Noncommunicable Diseases in Developing Countries
September 2011  

Shorter Lives, Less Prosperity: The Impacts of CER
May 2011  

CER: Pharmaceutical Innovation, Health and Longevity
May 2011  

Communicating Cost-Think
March 2011  

Ad Hoc
January 2011  

The New BRAT Pack
January 2011  

No Deposit No Return
November 29, 2010  

Hearing Aid Report

Teen Substance Abuse Survey
September 2010  

Physician Disempowerment eBook

Odyssey Project
June 2009  

Waking Up to the Insomnia Crisis
May 2009  

Commercial Support for Continuing Medical Education
April 2009   

Drug Safety Medication Safety Patient Safety
April 2009  

Millennial Voters and Health Care Reform
October 2008  

FDA and the Critical Path to 21st Century Medicine
July 2008  

The Patient Centric Health Leadership Forum
August 2008  

Anemia Drug Coverage Decision On Cancer Patients
March 2008  

Critical Path National Research Report
February 2008  

January 2008  

Direct-to-Consumer Advertising and Patient Information
January 2008  

The Hazards of Harassing Doctors: Regulation and Reaction
March 19, 2008  


A health care revolution threatened
  February 18, 2014  
NYTimes Letter to the Editor: Drug Shortages Continue to Vex Doctors
  February 11, 2014  
Outlook 2014: Capitol Commotion
  December 1, 2013  

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